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The How Low Challenge kicks off November 15, 2023 - March 1, 2024.


1.Register for the categories you wish to compete in and submit required information to participate. (Palm Beach and Miami-Dade schools may participate in the energy and food waste category)


2. At the beginning of the contest:

  • Contact your district person below to request  your school's energy kWh usage data from November 15, 2022 - March 1, 2023 to understand how much energy your school has used in the past. The baseline data from the previous year determines the greatest % of reduction. Broward may request water data. 

*Broward contact: Gianet Puma

*Palm Beach contact:

*Miami Dade contact:

3. Educate and inspire your school to take action and change behaviors to reduce energy, water and food waste. 


4. Optional: By December 15th, create a 15-30 second video or social media post to share a conservation tip your school is using to reduce energy, water or food waste. Submit questions to

5. Your midway point results will be emailed.

6. Winners will be announced mid- March.

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