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   “How Low Can You Go Challenge?” with the Miami Heat


Challenging schools and empowering students to lower their carbon footprint by reducing energy, water and food waste. 


Measurements of success over the last ten years:

  • Over 340 different schools have registered.

  • Impact over 480,000+ people

  • Reduced over 16,758,867 kWh

  • Energy cost savings $2,508,298

  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 25,655,835 lbs.

  • Reduced water by over 35,296,056 gallons


Recognized by the White House, NOAA and National Geographic as an innovative community project to raise awareness of the effects of CO2 emissions on the environment and change behaviors.


Winning Schools 2022/2023

Overall ENERGY:

1st place                    Limestone Creek Elementary   25%

2nd place                 Dania Elementary                             24%

3rd place                  Forest Hills Elementary                 22%


Greatest kWh Reduced:       Miami Sunset Senior High School

Water Reduction:                      Coconut Creek Elementary

Most Sustainable:                     Pasadena Lakes Elementary 

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